Biodiversità, primavera, fiori

What is Biodiversity?

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Biodiversity is the variety of living beings that populate the Earth, and is measured in terms of genes, species, populations and ecosystems. 

An incredible variety of organisms, tiny beings, plants, animals and ecosystems, all linked to each other, all indispensable.

We, too, are part of biodiversity and benefit from the services it provides: thanks to biodiversity, Nature is able to provide us with food, water, energy and resources for our daily lives. Bacteria, butterflies, whales and tropical forests, insects and large carnivores, poppies and orchids are just some of the components of the Earth's biodiversity, the immense variety of living forms that makes our planet unique. Some environments are particularly rich in biodiversity: coral reefs, tropical forests and river estuaries are home to about half of the planet's living creatures, even though they cover only 6% of the Earth's surface. Biodiversity guarantees the survival of life on Earth. Man does not have the right to extinguish living species. Instead, he has a duty to preserve the environment and the Earth's resources for future generations.